Think About Sustainable Issues

Waste and the separation of waste for recycling is such a massive issue across the world, not just in the UK.

With environmental issues being at the forefront of politics everywhere, designers have a unique opportunity to do their bit and help educate the customer on the importance of a waste separation system in their kitchen.

There is a huge choice of waste bins for kitchens on the market these days, bins of various sizes and colours. Therefore finding the right bin set up that will work for each customer is key.

Waste bin systems can easily be hidden behind a hinged door or designed as a pull-out drawer.

The positioning of any bin system should be based on the location of the sink, food prep area and larder where possible, as these are the areas that will generate the greatest amount of waste.

Where space is limited, the inclusion of a food waste disposal unit within the sink could also be considered.

I had a conversation with one of our own customers, recently, and the topic of the waste bin system that we had incorporated in her new kitchen came up.

It turns out that a small bonus with her new bins had come to light during the short time she had been using them.

Due to the size of the bins and the fact they were colour coded, the same way as her main bins outside, meant her younger children were more than capable of taking the various waste bins outside and emptying them into the appropriate larger bin.

It was now about who was getting to empty the bins rather than the opposite way around.

Just a small conversation educating the customer about waste separation bins and in turn the customer educating her children, can lead to bigger changes in how we handle our waste in the kitchen – and that has to be a good thing.

This article was first published by Kitchens & Bathrooms News in October 2019

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