The Christmas Kitchen

The kitchen at Christmas, that one time of year when the kitchen, therefore your design, will be put through it’s paces. Tested to the maximum for practicality and functionality.

There is never a time in the year when this room will be busier, so layout is key for individuals moving around, all at the same time.

Ask yourself, can someone be loading the dishwasher at the same time someone else is taking food out of the oven? Question if that fridge placed opposite the sink is going to cause issues on this big day. The golden triangle of kitchen design is as important as it is ever going to be on Christmas Day, therefore too small a triangle will cause as many problems as an overly big one. Assume multiple people in the kitchen and consider the impact your design will have on this.

When it comes to the actual cooking, your choice of appliances can and will have a major impact on the stress levels of your client. If they have the space and the budget, that five burner hob will come in really handy on this day of all days. With a double oven, cooking various items at different temperatures will not be an issue and perhaps you can consider advising them about the benefits of a warming drawer. Think about that 4-in-1 hot tap, no more willing kettles to boil or waiting for water to boil on the stove.

Another area for close attention is worktop space, which is always a premium in a busy kitchen. Every attempt to achieve more worktop space should be pursued. Consider again the inclusion of a hot tap. This tap will gain you more room by taking the kettle off the worktop. Maximum storage will also help. With extra storage room, the client can now take even more items off the worktop. Extra high wall cabinets can also be very useful in gaining additional space. With this type of cabinet you can achieve extra storage even when the kitchen footprint itself may not the biggest.

As a big advocate of open plan living, giving some thought in your overall design to taking down a wall or two and opening up the kitchen to the rest of the home could have a really positive impact. The kitchen can be a lonely place for some at Christmas. With an open plan concept, the Christmas chef can also be part of the festivities.

Christmas is a time to relax, be merry and enjoy time with your family and friends. For some, it can actually be a very stressful day. Taking the time to consider days like Christmas in your design will go a long way to making at least one person’s Christmas that little bit more enjoyable.

This article was first published in Kitchens & Bathrooms News in December 2019 (pg 43)

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