Be A Marketer, Not A Designer

Due to Covid-19, it’s not exactly a great time to be a kitchen or bathroom designer.

Things may be difficult at the moment if you design kitchens and bathrooms for a living but please don’t give up. We are all in this together and I have a plan.

You see, I run a kitchen & bathroom installation company. So we need your designs and we need your kitchens and bathrooms to install.

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As a designer, you obviously need fitters to install your designs but first you need someone to design for. Somehow, we need to get potential customers thinking about their homes, talking about their projects and excited about you.

We both need each other. Now more than ever.

Great Advice

A wise mentor of mine once posed the question, “What business are you in?” My answer as you would guess was kitchen & bathroom installation. “Wrong!”

Wow, tougher question than I thought. So, if I’m not in the business of installation, then what on earth am I doing?

The truth is, I’m a marketer of a installation business. You see, there are tons of great installers out there, including ones in my own area but it’s only the installers that have the ability to market themselves properly, they are the ones that will succeed. It wouldn’t matter how good an installer I was. If no one knew, my skills alone are not going to take me very far.

That dawning altered my outlook, it changed how I viewed my job and my position, I hope it will change yours too.

You see, I need you to succeed. Installers need as many of the best designers as possible to succeed.

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So who knows? Your mum?

You may well be a great kitchen & bathroom designer; you may be the best designer in your town but who knows? You? Your mum?

The truth is, there are lots of decent designers around that do what you do but you don’t need to be better than them to get the work and be busier than everyone. You just need to tell more people. You need to be more of a marketer of what you do and less of a designer.

This difference in attitude will work for you no matter whether you are self-employed, working as a designer for a small independent company or working for one of the bigger “sheds”. If nobody knows? It’s actually now in the lap of the gods.

So, what should you do?

It is so, so easy to be planning and pricing jobs, then a problem maybe crops up, things to do, people to see, places to go and before you know it, day after day you are so busy doing what you do, that you end up telling no one. Every working day you absolutely have to be spending an hour (probably two) doing the things that will attract customers to you. Generating content to get the word out there about just how fabulous you are.

What, Why, When, Where

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What can you offer that someone else can’t? Tell them!

Why should they come to you and not someone else? Tell them!

When are you available? Tell them!

Where are you based and how far will go to get the job? Tell Them!!!

When was the last time you asked a customer for a review of your design process? When was the last time you chased a review of your work like it was commission? Tell the customer right at the beginning, before you do anything, that,

At the end of this whole process I’m going to ask you to give a review of the service I have offered you”.

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Just watch your game go through the roof now.

That review is gold. That review is the exact collateral that will help separate you from the crowd. Now you have something to market with. Use it.

When was the last time you won an award for what you did? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to use that? If you don’t enter, you can’t win, right?

Ahh, didn’t win, no problem, shortlisted or finalist works just as well. Do it, use it. Market it.

I’m being selfish, I know but I need to busy, therefore I need you to be busy. This can’t be all about you.

You are awesome

Go out and tell people how awesome you are and be the designer that the customers want to know and are talking about. Be that celebrity. The law of attraction.

Once you have them, then it’s easy. Your charm, your wit and your design skills will obviously win them over and close the deal. 😉

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