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This is not a new problem

The shortage of qualified installers and tradesmen is certainly not a new problem.

It was 1986 and nearly thirty five years since I was an apprentice joiner and I can clearly remember the conversations then about how the sh*t was definitely going to hit the fan in the future because not enough young people were coming into the trades.

Fast forward to March 2020 and the panic of the Covid19 pandemic has hit the UK and led by the government, the majority of businesses have been forced to close their doors.






Roughly three months later as businesses start to open up, there was a huge surge in demand for tradesmen as home improvement seems to be the order of the day for all the stir crazy home owners who have spent way too much tome at home dealing with dodgy ovens and leaking showers. Well no one is going abroad on holiday that’s for sure.

As an installation company business owner, suddenly there wasn’t enough hours in the day to deal with the demand and the staff we had was nowhere near enough. We were left with no choice but to juggle the work and hope our customers understood and would be patient enough to wait.

During the lock-down period or late March, April and early May of 2020 I found myself taking advantage of the additional free time by stepping outside and walking around the streets of my neighbourhood each morning to free my thoughts. Wanting to keep in touch with my industry and understand how things were effecting other businesses in the kbb sector, I discovered the magnificent kbbreview podcast and it’s poor, lonely host, Andrew Davis, stuck in his attic for God knows how long with no immediate freedom in sight.

30 uninterrupted minutes of kbb insights, discussion and humour, topped off with some dodgy music choice thrown in at the end.

Somehow I ended up on Andy’s radar and was very kindly invited onto his podcast to discuss the shortage of fitters.

How could I refuse.

Click on the links below to hear this episode and once you’re done and realise how fantastic it is, be sure to download and subscribe from where ever you usually get your podcasts 🎧. ⬇️

BTW the song I chose was: The Proclaimers – I’m on my way

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