Jones Digital – The Lockdown Diaries

The Lockdown Diaries from Jones Digital truly are an extraordinary series of short, 6-9 minute videos featured on the LinkedIn platform 💯

If you are on LinkedIn they are all absolutely worth searching for.

I found the videos extremely uplifting and inspiring. Seeing and hearing from business people from all over the United Kingdom and learning to understand just how the Covid19 pandemic has personally affected them and their businesses and what they did to adapt to the very new pressures they faced.

The videos helped remind me of the human side of working.

The struggles, the fears, the victories, they all help to prove #weareinthistogether❤️

Amongst the questions in this episode I am asked about my personal highlights of 2020, what I am doing to support others going forward and what words of advice could I give to inspire others. All tough questions when fired at you at 7am in the morning.

It may take time but hopefully in 2021 we will see the back of Covid19 and the world we live in will return to some kind of normal, though it may be that we are faced with a new kind of normal still to evolve.

I do believe that videos such as The Lockdown Diaries will serve as a reminder in the future of the resilience of the human spirit when faced with adversity and that help is always there, we just need to get better at asking.

My gratitude as ever goes to Peter Jones, managing director of Jones Digital for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this amazing series #27 🙏

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