Installation: How long will you have to wait?

Mark Conacher, director of Dundee kitchen & bathroom company, Liberty, is a guest on How to Buy a Kitchen or Bathroom podcast talking about installation.

Over the past however many years, probably since back in the 80’s, trades have been forgotten as a good career and the numbers of tradesmen have slowly dwindled.

I remember my journeyman going on about the lack of youngsters becoming joiners or plumbers, etc and how this was going to be a problem in the future and here we are in the future.

You just need to look around you and think of the average age of any tradesman that you already know. I’m going to guess, he probably isn’t in his 20’s.

Brexit will have added to the lowering of the tradesman numbers for sure and product shortages have absolutely caused problems in getting jobs started.

The lack of containers and microchips, this whole other side of problems that the past two years of the pandemic have caused, is like something out of a science fiction movie. I don’t think anyone could have predicted how this was all going to pan out.


So how do you go about a good finding a good kitchen, bedroom or bathroom installer?

I would say your first point of research should be the British Institute of Kitchen Bedroom and Bathroom Installation website or the BiKBBI as they are better known.

You can find them at and this website will give you tons of information all around installation and there is a specific page for consumers which will allow you to add a postcode and find installers that are in your area.

All the installers on this site are obviously registered with the BiKBBI but there are various annual criteria and regulations that needs to be adhered to, to be registered, which is fantastic for giving customers peace of mind, these installers are all police checked, they are registered with Gas Safe, they have passed asbestos awareness courses, lots of checks which keep things safe and above board, after all just getting any joiner or installer, you don’t really know their history or their qualifications, where as folks like the BiKBBi are carrying out all these checks for you. It won’t guarantee you’ll get your job carried out any quicker but at least you will know the level of installer you will get will be to a good standard.

My thanks goes out to How To Buy A Kitchen or Bathroom podcast host Lindsay Blair for inviting me onto her fabulous ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ podcast.

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