Be A Marketer, Not A Designer

Due to Covid-19, it’s not exactly a great time to be a kitchen or bathroom designer. Things may be difficult at the moment if you design kitchens and bathrooms for a living but please don’t give up. We are all in this together and I have a plan. You see, I run a kitchen &Continue reading “Be A Marketer, Not A Designer”

Designing Remotely (because of Covid-19)

One day, we are all going to wake up from this Covid nightmare and realise that the world has changed and if you haven’t changed and adapted with it, you may find you have been left behind. In the aftermath of 9/11, the USA was never the same and this had a ripple effect acrossContinue reading “Designing Remotely (because of Covid-19)”

Open Plan Living

Traditional homes with traditional, individual rooms. Every room with a solid purpose. Each one blocked off from the other. No room socially interacting or having anything to do with any other room. Organised grouped isolation.

Choose Flooring Wisely

With so many different choices of flooring on the market, choosing the correct product for your client can be difficult. However getting to know a little more about the client and their home life can definitely help avoid costly mistakes.

The Importance of Attending Trade Shows

Design is endless and ever evolving and taking timeout to immerse yourself in everything that your industry has to share that’s new and exciting has to be time well spent.

Don’t forget the annotation

One salesman, a young man at that time and a lot younger than the rest, took it upon himself to have every colour of highlighter you could possibly buy. Why you may ask?

Think About Sustainable Issues

With environmental issues being at the forefront of politics everywhere, designers have a unique opportunity to do their bit and help educate the customer on the importance of a waste separation system in their kitchen.