Neighbourhood Cards

We all need to attract customers using multiple different channels and for tradesmen, neighbourhood cards can be one, very inexpensive way to attract those few extra customers that you wouldn’t necessarily have gotten and they might just be the customers to make the all the difference to your year.

Don’t forget the annotation

One salesman, a young man at that time and a lot younger than the rest, took it upon himself to have every colour of highlighter you could possibly buy. Why you may ask?

Working with Installers

We are all working towards the same goal but for it to work more efficiently, salespeople and installers need to find a way to work more closely and find better ways of communicating.

Consider lighting at the start

The inclusion of appropriate lighting is sometimes overlooked during the design process of a new kitchen. It cannot just be any old lighting. It has to be lighting that is planned and meticulously thought out, just as much as the cabinet design itself. All too often kitchen lighting can consist of half a dozen spotlightsContinue reading “Consider lighting at the start”

Think About Sustainable Issues

With environmental issues being at the forefront of politics everywhere, designers have a unique opportunity to do their bit and help educate the customer on the importance of a waste separation system in their kitchen.

Standing Out

I found myself mentors, people who I could look up to. I listen more, I pay more attention to the industry that I’m in. I’m far more aware now of what the 80% are doing or what they are not doing and now I do the opposite.

Help, We need Help!

Remember, this too will pass. It might pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.