Installation: How long will you have to wait?

You just need to look around you and think of the average age of any tradesman that you already know. I’m going to guess, he probably isn’t in his 20’s.

The Christmas Kitchen

The kitchen at Christmas, that one time of year when the kitchen, therefore your design, will be put through it’s paces. Tested to the maximum for practicality and functionality.

The Importance of Attending Trade Shows

Design is endless and ever evolving and taking timeout to immerse yourself in everything that your industry has to share that’s new and exciting has to be time well spent.

Don’t forget the annotation

One salesman, a young man at that time and a lot younger than the rest, took it upon himself to have every colour of highlighter you could possibly buy. Why you may ask?

Working with Installers

We are all working towards the same goal but for it to work more efficiently, salespeople and installers need to find a way to work more closely and find better ways of communicating.

Help, We need Help!

Remember, this too will pass. It might pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.